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illustration-books-mainSOUL SISTERS

Mondays, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Worrell Library

The Soul Sisters, a reading group meets Monday mornings for fellowship, laughter, prayer — and of course book discussion.

For more information, contact the Church Office (936)756-8831.
Recently read books:
Living with a Wild God
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth  by Reza Aslan
The Yada Yada Prayer Group: Book 1 by Neta Jackson


marthaandmary_he_qi_2002Faith Seekers

Mondays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Parish Hall

Using the N.T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study Guidethe Faith Seekers Bible Study group will begin their study of Acts this autumn. The mysterious presence of Jesus haunts the whole story of Acts. Jesus is announced as King and Lord, not as an increasingly distant memory but as a living and powerful reality, a person who can be known and loved, obeyed and followed, a person who continues to act within the real world. We call the book “The Acts of the Apostles,” but we should think of it as “The Acts of Jesus (II).” These studies from Tom Wright help us to do so, and to see how Jesus’ acts through the apostles inform our acts today. 

All are welcome! For more information contact the Church Office (936)756-8831.



TUESDAYS from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Parish Hall
Is the Holy Spirit nudging you to step out in faith in a new way? Join this Bible study where women of every age come together in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to grow in faith and experience Christian fellowship, all are welcome! For more information contact the Church Office (936)756-8831.




Christian-Muslim Dialogue1FAITHFUL NEIGHBORS
A Christian-Muslim Conversation

9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Sundays, February 5, 12, and 19
Christian Education Room, Parish Hall

In a world gripped by confusion and conflict over Islam, we will grapple with those issues by bringing the conversation close to home. Leaders of Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston (IMGH) and Muslims in our community will help us compare and contrast faith traditions and beliefs, all in hopes that we can listen and learn how to live faithfully with each other. Come. Question. Contribute. Grow.

  • Feb. 5: Religious diversity in America and an introduction to Islam, presented by Matt Kahn, Associate Director of Interfaith Relations, IMGH
  • Feb. 12: Muslim/Christian panel discussion, presented by Fr. Jerald, Dr. Mujtaba Ali-Khan and other members of The Woodlands Mosque
  • Feb. 19: Conclusions and open discussion about where to go from here, with guidance from the Rev. Gregory Han, Director of Interfaith Relations, IMGH

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hidden things

Six Sundays, Fall 2016
:30 to 10:15 a.m. in the Christian Education Room
Stories of seduction and salvation. Tales of deception and resurrection. Even angels, demons and dragons-oh my! These are but a few of the “hidden things” we’ll discover as we turn to those mysterious books in the middle of the Bible known as the Apocrypha. Though controversial, the Apocrypha provides a captivating look at the Jewish roots of Christianity. Taught by Fr. Jerald.

September 18: Introduction and Susanna
September 25: Ecclesiasticus
October 2: The Wisdom of Solomon
October 23: Judith and Tobit
November 6: Baruch,
November 20: Maccabees, Prayers and Songs

G2GG2G: Generation to Generation
Sundays 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
Parish Hall

On the second Sunday of each month, all members of the St. James family – young and old – gather together for a rich, intergenerational Christian education experience immediately following our usual full breakfast. As Jesus would say, come and see! Meanwhile, mark your calendar for the following Sundays: September 11; October 9; November 13.

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The Miraculous Words

To borrow a phrase from a certain purple dinosaur… “Please, and thank you – they are the miraculous words!” And so are a couple of others, such as “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you.” Simple words we learn as children but often forget to say as adults, even as Christians. No better time than the Easter season to resurrect the language so critical to our relationship with God and with each other. Led by Fr. Jerald.

Caring for Creation

Sundays, 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
Parish Hall Christian Education Room

WATER, with Mark Smith

Just as Montgomery County’s groundwater problem didn’t develop overnight, there will be no quick fixes. As manager of the San Jacinto River Authority’s Groundwater Reduction Plan, St. James parishioner Mark Smith leads the charge to find solutions in an area that is only growing thirstier every day.

GOD, with The Rev. Deacon Phyllis Hartman

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” And then God put humankind in charge. As environmental debates rage around the world – from deforestation to global warming – Deacon Phyllis will ask the question that seems rarely considered – Where is God in all of this?

LAND, with Nancy Mikeska

One of the fastest-growing cities in America, Conroe offers terrific
opportunity – and faces big challenges. As head of the city’s Community Development Department, Nancy Mikeska stands at the heart of the area’s building boom, keeping tabs on current projects and always looking for what’s coming next.

MAN, with the Rev. Bill Beers

As in recent years, St. James will heed the great command to love our neighbor through Food for the Poor Inc., which provides food and shelter to the needy in 17 countries. The Rev. Bill Beers, a former teacher of religion, philosophy and the social sciences, will share his firsthand experience in this interdenominational ministry, and how we can
continue to help.


Voices of God: Epiphanies in Everyday Life
In this season of Epiphany, we are called to recognize the manifestation of Jesus Christ’s divine presence in the world 2,000 years ago – and the real presence of God in Christ in the world today. For three Sundays in Epiphany, we will gather to hear together such accounts of God’s presence as recorded by a few of today’s leading spiritual writers. We will take a few minutes to reflect on what we’ve heard, then share our own thoughts, impressions and experiences of God in our own lives. No preparation necessary. No homework. Just come, listen, and share if you wish.


Explore The Letter of James
The author of James addresses his letter to “the twelve tribes scattered among the nations” That could easily include all of us in the Church around the world today. He is bold and sometimes blunt in what he has to say to us. Do your Monday actions reflect your Sunday worship? How about your claims to faith? Is your life full of noticeable actions? James is not impressed with talk. His book shows the importance of living a genuine life of faith. His words are merciful admonitions to live out our faith. Over the next three months we invite you to join us in looking at this challenging text.



the hot topic in August


August 2: Keeping Sabbath

With his three-month sabbatical coming up in September, Fr. Jerald will lead a conversation about his plans for his time away and how we all are called to obey God’s command that we integrate rest and rejuvenation into the rhythm of our daily lives.

August 9: Healing Oils

Oils for healing, cleansing and anointing are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible. Parishioner Diane Rienstra not only will provide an overview of the biblical history and use of oils, but she also will share samples that allow a firsthand experience of their fragrant texture.

August 16: Soothing Sounds

Brain-injury specialist and music therapist Maegan Morrow found herself in the national spotlight after former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords survived an assassination attempt and became one of her patients at TIRR/Memorial Hermann in the Houston Medical Center. Maegan has been featured on CNN and ABC’s Nightline, where she was Diane Sawyer’s “person of the week.” A member of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in Houston, Maegan will share how her personal faith has shaped her approach to healing and the science of music therapy.

August 23: Laying Hands

Physical healing through prayer was central to the ministry of Jesus and was an integral aspect of Christian life in the early Church. Though the practice waned over the centuries – suffering most recently thanks to fraudulent televangelists – Deacon Phyllis Hartman will review how healing prayer has resurfaced in the Church and even among medical professionals as an important, effective approach to holistic healing.








Would Peter start a Bible study at Starbucks? Would Paul plant a home church in Willis? Come consider answers to these and other questions surrounding every Christian’s primary, post-resurrection predicament–Christ is risen…so now what? Guided by time-tested answers found in The Acts of the Apostles, we will consider what it means to be an apostle in 21st-century Montgomery County. Led by Fr. Jerald.

Voices of God through Lent

Over these Sundays in Lent, we will gather to hear together such accounts of God’s presence as recorded by some of today’s leading spiritual writers. We will then take a few minutes to reflect on what we’ve heard, then share our own thoughts, impressions and similar experiences of God in our own lives. No preparation necessary. No homework assignments. Just come. Listen. Reflect and share if you wish. Led by Fr. Jerald and Deacon Phyllis.


2-Annunciation‘ADVENT IS COMING!’

The first season of the church year is filled with wonder, beauty and meaning as we anticipate the coming of Christ. At only four weeks long, however, Advent often can seem like it ends before it has begun. In this short series, we will get ready to get ready, taking tips from three biblical characters who were asked to do just that as the birth of Christ was announced to them: Joseph, Zechariah, and Mary.

Dare to Dream

Creating a God-sized mission statement for your life

560289d79c71cacaf68b344c170d26d3Are your goals too small? Are you living to “just get by”? Do you ever wonder if there is a greater “God dream” for you that, if lived to the fullest, could permeate and inform every move you make? In this series, you can ask those questions, consider your answers in the context of scripture and what you hear from God in your heart, and all with the idea of coming up with your own life mission statement. We all have dreams. Often the problem is remembering that God has dreams for us far beyond what we can even imagine.

halfcrossMyths, Music & Meaning:
Sights and Sounds of Celtic Christianity

As Anglicans, our religious roots are tangled in Celtic knots, an intricate weave of faith and custom and experience born over centuries in the British Isles. Here, we will look at images and  listen to poetry and music reflecting the colorful Celtic tradition that has shaped the way we Anglicans perceive God, our world and each other. Topics include: Creation, Prayer, Incarnation, Daily Life and Work, Soul Friends and Blessing as a Way of Life.



rf-300x168Making Sense of the Bible

“Reading and meditating on God’s holy Word” is among the several ways we are invited to observe a “holy Lent,” and yet many of us respond to this invitation with fear and trepidation and a range of questions from “How do I do that?” to “Where do I begin?” In this series guided by Deacon Phyllis, we will walk together through those questions and everything else you wanted to know about the Bible but were afraid to ask.


pointingfingerPointing Fingers:
What would the Prophets say to us today?

Their job as ordained by God was to speak the truth – even when the truth hurt. They are the Prophets – from Moses to Isaiah to Ezekiel and others who pointed their fingers at the nation of Israel in the midst of its tumultuous biblical times. In this series, we will meet a few of them anew and perhaps hear how their messages still ring with truth for us today as Christians, as a church, and as a nation.


breadEnough (is enough)
Discovering joy through simplicity and generosity

Enough is an invitation to rediscover the Bible’s wisdom on prudent financial practices. Here we will explore the keys to experiencing contentment, overcoming fear, and discovering joy through simplicity and generosity, using Adam Hamilton’s book and video series as our guide.


Sessions include: When Dreams Become Nightmares • Wisdom and Finance • Cultivating Contentment • Defined By Generosity