Annual Giving

Scripture encourages us to set aside “first fruits” of our labor and return it to God through His Church, in order for us to do His work here on earth.  Many giving methods are open at St. James.

Through making an annual pledge, one can express his or her commitment to God in a tangible way, and allow St. James to plan our ministry for the following year. CLICK HERE to make a pledge, or use pledge cards available through the church office,  at any time of the year.

Should you choose not to pledge, giving on a routine basis remains a way for one to participate in funding our ministries and is encouraged as part of your faith journey.

Sometimes life send us surprises through unexpected financial windfalls.  Consider incremental giving to St. James if you are so fortunate as to receive unexpected income, receive an inheritance, or receive larger than planned distribution from your investments.

Should you wish to remember a loved one upon their passing away, talk to our clergy about establishing a memorial fund in his or her honor.

St. James tracks several different dedicated program accounts, which are communicated based on their own needs.  Consider giving to these accounts as you feel called.