Interfaith Ministry

Our recent Christian Education series:

A Christian-Muslim Conversation

In a world gripped by confusion and conflict over Islam, we grappled with those issues by bringing the conversation close to home. Leaders of Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston (IMGH) and Muslims in our community helped us compare and contrast faith traditions and beliefs, all in hopes that we can listen and learn how to live faithfully with each other.


  • Feb. 5: Religious diversity in America and an introduction to Islam, presented by Matt Kahn, Associate Director of Interfaith Relations, IMGH
  • Feb. 12: Muslim/Christian panel discussion, presented by Fr. Jerald, Dr. Mujtaba Ali-Khan and other members of The Woodlands Mosque
  • Feb. 19: Conclusions and open discussion about where to go from here, with guidance from the Rev. Gregory Han, Director of Interfaith Relations, IMGH

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General Intro to Interfaith Ministry

General Intro to Interfaith Ministry


From the Rector

Interfaith Commission formed to continue conversation

Dear friends,

Thanks to you, our series over the past three Sundays – Faithful Neighbors: A Christian-Muslim Conversation – was a tremendous success. Our excellent guest speakers presented us with what was new and pertinent information for many of us. With more than 100 of you all in attendance each Sunday, we clearly are blessed to be together in a community that embraces the Anglican way of addressing tough and confusing issues head-on and holding the tension between different points of view.

The series accomplished its purpose, which was to provide a general overview of the growing religious diversity in our area and across the nation, allow us to hear directly from some of our Muslim neighbors, and begin an interfaith conversation among ourselves and with other faith traditions. Now we are exploring ways to continue that conversation into the future, and I invite you to join in the planning of this exciting new ministry at St. James by joining St. James’ newly formed Interfaith Commission.

The commission will be meeting soon to consider our next steps, which could include another Interfaith Dinner Dialog either at St. James or The Woodlands Mosque, follow-up plenary sessions to allow more time for more questions and answers, small-group discussions, book groups, etc. – or ideally all the above! My prayer is that we will begin building authentic relationships not only with those of other faith traditions, but also with our brothers and sisters in other Christian denominations, as well!

If you are interested in joining the Interfaith Commission to help plan and carry out our new interfaith ministry, please complete the form below. Of course, if you can’t join the commission, you still can do your part to support this important ministry by just showing up for the programs and events as they happen.

With that in mind, let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all who attended the Faithful Neighbors series. To me, your enthusiastic participation merely reflects how St. James parish continues to be guided by that greatest of commands handed down by our Lord Jesus Christ –“love God with all our heart and mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself.”



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