Worship Ministry


Acolytes are youth, grades five through twelve, who are trained to assist at the altar for Sunday and special services. Those electing to serve make a commitment to serve when scheduled and to attend periodic meetings and rehearsals.


Altar Guild

Altar Guild members work quietly behind the scenes under the direction of the clergy. They set up and care for the furnishings in the nave and sanctuary.

There are five rotating teams of dedicated women and men.

Each team is responsible for setting up and taking down furnishings used for every service during their assigned week. This includes all regularly scheduled services in addition to others, including funerals and weddings. Altar Guild members work especially hard to prepare for Easter and Christmas, with the help of other volunteers.

The Altar Guild works closely with the clergy to make the worship life of St. James run smoothly. New members, with an eye for detail and a commitment to quiet service, are welcome to join the Altar Guild, which strives to make each service as perfect as possible.

STJAMES_080Eucharistic Minister

The Eucharistic Minister or Chalice Bearer is a licensed minister authorized by the Church for those congregations where there are not enough ordained persons to allow for the timely and orderly administration of the Sacrament. Clergy and Vestry approval is required for those wishing to be licensed by the Bishop. Persons wishing to become Eucharistic Ministers must be trained.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are trained to lead non-Eucharistic services of worship, such as Morning and Evening Prayer. After a training program lay readers are licensed by the Bishop.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors are trained to take Holy Communion to those who are hospitalized or homebound. After training, they are licensed by the Bishop.


Join our merry team of Greeters to welcome newcomers, show them around our campus, invite them to breakfast. Do what we do best! Exhibit our feeling of community and friendliness. Give your smile and welcome to visitors on Sunday mornings! We have opportunities in this ministry at all services.


A Lector is a person trained to read the lessons, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, during services of public worship. Lectors will also lead the Psalm if it is not being sung.


Oblationers are men, women, children and families that bring the bread and wine to the altar during the Offertory. Oblations are gifts presented by the people for the Eucharist.


Ushers help with seating people, hand out service leaflets, assist with collection of the offering, and direct parishioners to the altar rail for communion for each of the Sunday services and for special services, i.e. funeral, wedding, and evening services. They also return hymnals and prayer books to the pew racks, gather service leaflets, and prepare the nave for the next service.

Lay Ministry Schedule
Download the latest copy of the Lay Ministry Schedule here